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Long Dong
The first in a series of prank videos featuring the inimitable Mr. Long Dong!
Toilet Paper Splinters
Long Dong
The legendary classic call now has it's own video!
Behold Crabgirl!
Crabgirl first appeared in this now-classic silent film.
Crabgirl Drive-By
Crabgirl drives by in an electric car. Go Go Power Wheels!
Superhero Referee
Superman beats up Batman and it's Crabgirl to the rescue!
Crabgirl Baffles A Cat
This kitty doesn't know quite what to make of Crabgirl.
Listener Dedication
Jugglewho shows the repeatedly jumping off his roof.
Zolar Cribs
A short tour of Zolar's crib.
Hostel Of Horrors
A tour of the West End Studios in NYC.
Underdog Lady 1
underdog lady
Suzanne Muldowney does her Vlad The Impaler dance on Oddville.
Underdog Lady 2
underdog lady
Suzanne Muldowney does her Underdog dance on Oddville.
4.9 MB
Running Time - 5:28
A drunk spanish guy plows down several light poles and argues with police about being drunk.
3.1 MB
Running Time - 4:20
A muslim guy is a witness to a stabbing. A stray dog leads police in a chase worthy of the Keystone Cops. Featuring the song "Scooby Doo" by Mathew Sweet
3.2 MB
Running Time - 4:33
An abnoxious yenta has a hysterical drunken hissy fit while getting busted for DWI.
3.1 MB
Running Time - 4:21
Comedy clips and accidents. Featuring "Right Here, Right Now" by Jesus Jones
3.8 MB
Running Time - 5:18
Crashes, people falling down, funny animals, accidents. Featuring the song "Subliminal" by They Might Be Giants
6.59 MB
Running Time - 4:51
Fat people falling down featuring the song "Stomp Box " by They Might Be Giants
Mouse Dances To Gay Bar
Mouse needs to DANCE, you fucker. Don't you see it?
Mouse Stalks Sebastian
With us, Mouse is very friendly. With the other cats, she's kind of a bully.
Sebastian and Gussie Playing
Sebastian wants to play too.
Gussie Attacks The Couch
Gussie is our adorable female seal-point siamese kitten.
Gussie Chases Her Shadow
Sebastian watches as Gussie goes berserk over her shadow.
Gussie Plays With Chirpy Toy
Gussie's coordination isn't so good yet.
Sebastian and Gussie Meow
2 from Sebastian and 1 from Gussie.