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KDK's Lunatic Fringe - 2009 Season
August 8th
During the London riots of 2011, KDK certainly doesn't help by creating riots of his own over the phone. Lots of angry cursing brits and generally miserable people. Also, an interview with prank caller Shane Cee!
1hr 26 minutes - 9.95 Mb
February 26th
Ed wants to 'Poop back and forth forever', torments a Motel 6, and gets a woman in Hawaii to say 'I love you'. Jill needs someone to watch her cat while she runs off to get a new goat trachea. KDK wants the Super 8 to turn 'the machine' back on, celebrates his 40th birthday by playing song and comedy about being old. And SO much more!
1hr 35 minutes - 10.5 Mb
February 12th
Ed calls a locksmith because he's been left naked and chained to a bedpost by an unscrupulous prostitute. KDK plays some of his favorite prank calls from his fellow pranksters. Ed calls up strangers to say goodbye before he dies, accuses people of beating Jill up and yanking off her weave, and 'outs' a probable quare he found on Facebook.
1hr 50 minutes - 12.5 Mb
January 29th
KDK relentelssly fucks with some fat guy working at a hotel and another poor pathetic asshole who is seeking cartoon voice-over work.
2hrs 6 minutes - 14.2 Mb
January 22nd
KDK calls up a strip club to request that the ugly strippers not rub on him, calls up hotels to complain about naked black guys and noisy gay sex, calls up someone with the unfortunate name of 'Gay Gay', plays some of his favorite prank calls and stand-up bits, attempts to get a black lady to help him push a hoop down the road with a stick, and Jill sings along with Billie Holiday.
76 minutes - 8.7 Mb
January 15th
KDK recalls his memories of the blizzard of 2011, shares some more of his favorite prank calls, and harasses hotels all over the world with complaints of filth, drunk women, and big black dildo's.
120 minutes - 13.6 Mb
January 8th
KDK celebrates the New Year by playing some of his all-time favorite prank calls, getting bashed in the head by a toilet seat and pranking Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas.
66 minutes - 30 Mb